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Are You An Entrepreneur Mom Striving To Be Happy & Successful?

Discover 10 Hidden Truths Every Entrepreneur Mom Should Know

I'm revealing how to:

  • Declutter your mind so you feel LESS stress and MORE clarity (for total confidence in your decisions).
  • Feel less guilt and shame about how you spend your time and attention (no more biz or family ping pong brain).
  • Get crystal clear about how you spend your time, energy and money so your priorities are aligned with your resources.

...when you grab your copy of the 10 things every happy and successful entrepreneur mom does really well!

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AT 10 tips mockup

Here's what's waiting for you inside...

  • In Tip #1, you'll discover why your morning routine may not be working for you. (if you have one...and if not, get this now!)
  • In Tip #2, you'll see how to quickly and easily check the things off your list. (instead of procrastinating)
  • In Tip #3, you'll uncover the one question you MUST ask yourself at home. (I'll bet you're not doing this and it's costing you massive time and energy)
  • In Tip #4, you'll realize how adding a little Elsa attitude to your home and to-do list works like a charm. (yes, even a Disney princess can help)
  • Tip #5 reveals the one thing most entrepreneur moms carry without realizing the damaging effects and WHY it's their biggest money block.
  • In Tip #6, you'll discover the four most important things to "take in" on a daily basis. (maybe you've heard it a million times, but you're still not doing it)
  • Once you apply Tip #7, you'll finally understand why entrepreneur mom life gets so lonely and how to never feel alone again.
  • In Tip #8, you'll discover how to realize your genius and expand time. (don't let this one make you blush)
  • In Tip #9, I'm revealing what every top CEO does to make the best business decisions - and how you can too. (and it's the closest thing to seeing your future)
  • In Tip #10, you'll see how playing this simple mind game for 5 minutes a day will help you achieve your goals with ease. (& more quickly than you thought possible!)
  • In this BONUS Tip, you'll uncover which of the five senses is your "Super-Sense." The genius thing about using a super-sense is that it's unique to YOU and helps you defeat YOUR biggest roadblocks.

Powerful, helpful, enjoyable

"Amber is an amazing resource for moms at any stage looking to prioritize being their best self so they can show up for their family in a meaningful, consistent, and value-aligned way.

~Cheryl Boyd, CPA, Financial Advisor and Mother of Two

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